release 0.1.1
1 min read release 0.1.1


  • New items to multiple /epochs endpoints
    • first_block_time - Marking first block of the epoch
    • last_block_time - Marking last block of the epoch
    • active_stake - Sum of all active stakes of the epoch
  • Pagination for /metadata/txs/labels endpoint


  • Rename active_pledgelive_pledge in /pools/{pool_id}
  • start_time and end_time now display correct values (previously first_block_time and last_block_time values were shown)
  • Specification for tx_metadata_labels
  • Unify pagination documentation


  • Unify item names in /epochs/
    • blocks_countblock_count
    • txs_counttx_count
    • txs_sumoutput
    • fees_sumfees
  • Rename acronymticker in metadata of /assets/{asset}

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