release 0.1.5
1 min read release 0.1.5


  • /assets/{asset}/txs endpoint to list all transactions of a given asset
  • Owners to /txs/{hash}/pool_updates endpoint


  • Altered functionality and description of active_epoch in /accounts/{stake_address} to better match its changed functionality. When account is deregistered (active field is false), this field contains the epoch number of deregistration.
  • reward_address -> reward_account in /pools/{pool_id} and /txs/{hash}/pool_updates endpoints as the previous name was misleading and incorrect
  • Deprecated unit field of not yet used metadata in /assets/{asset} endpoint
  • Descriptions of few fields


  • Multiple endpoints impacted by Cardano DB Sync issue. We have addressed associated issues with a temporary fix which will be in effect until the issue is addressed in the upstream. Please note that this mostly involved retired pools and their associated reward accounts. Affected endpoints and their parameters:
    • /pools/{pool_id}
      • live_stake
      • live_size
      • live_saturation
      • live_pledge
    • /pools/{pool_id}/delegators
      • live_stake
    • /accounts/{stake_address}
      • controlled_amount
      • withdrawable_amount
  • Missing treasury in calculation of live_stake in /pools/{pool_id}/delegators endpoint. Other endpoints were not affected
  • Pool hopping account issues which were causing that some pools were displaying slightly higher live_stake values and thus also very slightly skewed live_size and live_saturation calculations in /pools/{pool_id} endpoint
  • active_epoch in /accounts/{stake_address} was previously displaying epoch of delegation, not epoch of de/registration

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