Blockfrost release 0.1.24
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Blockfrost release 0.1.24


  • properties tx_hash and output_index to inputs of /txs/{hash}/utxos endpoint
  • stake_address property to /accounts/{stake_address} endpoint
  • address property to /addresses/{address} and /addresses/{address}/total endpoints
  • asset property to /assets/{asset} endpoint
  • epoch property to /epochs/{number}/parameters and /epochs/latest/parameters endpoints
  • pool_id and hex properties to /pools/{pool_id} and /pools/{pool_id}/metadata endpoints
  • hash property to /txs/{hash} and /txs/{hash}/utxos endpoints
  • address property to /nutlink/{address} endpoint


  • clarified active stake amount in /epochs/{number}/stakes and /epochs/{number}/stakes/{pool_id}
  • pagination of accounts/{stake_address}/addresses/assets endpoint

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