Blockfrost release 0.1.27
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Blockfrost release 0.1.27


  • Alonzo support related additions

    • /scripts endpoint for listing all scripts
    • /scripts/{hash} endpoint for script details
    • /scripts/{hash}/redeemers endpoint for listing reedemers of a script
    • /txs/{hash}/redeemers endpoint for querying transaction redeemers
    • locked property to /network endpoint, representing total supply locked
      by scripts
    • script property to /addresses/{hash}, which is true when
      the address is a script address.
    • redeemer_count property to /txs/{hash} endpoint
    • Boolean collateral property to inputs object
      of /txs/{hash}/utxos endpoint
    • data_hash property to both inputs and outputs objects of
      /txs/{hash}/utxos endpoint
    • data_hash property to /addressess/{hash}/utxos endpoint
    • /epoch/latest/parameters and /epoch/{number}/parameters
      extended with cost model fields.


  • /ipfs/add size response type fixed from integer to string
  • types of IPFS size examples
  • description of ipfs/pin/list/<object>
  • onchain_metadata type of /assets/{asset} endpoint

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