Blockfrost release 0.1.30
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Blockfrost release 0.1.30


  • HTTP 425 - Mempool Full to Errors for better handling of full mempool in /tx/submit endpoint
  • Alonzo support related additions
    • valid_contract property to /txs/{hash} endpoint, true when attached
      script passed validation, false if it failed phase 2 validation
    • datum_hash and script_hash properties to /txs/{hash}/redeemers
    • datum_hash property to /scripts/{hash}/redeemers
    • /scripts/datum/{datum-hash} endpoint
    • /scripts/{script_hash}/json endpoint for dumping timelock scripts
    • /scripts/{script_hash}/cbor endpoint for dumping plutus script contents


  • /epochs/{number}/parameters - collateral_percent type from number to integer


  • /network supply descriptions

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